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Elegant Chamber Music by Ivana Strings

The Ivana String Quartet, Trio and Duo specializes in providing elegant live music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Live string quartet music will add a special atmosphere for your family and guests. Ivana Strings has performed at countless weddings and has experience performing for weddings of all denominations.

Why Choose the Ivana String Quartet?

Quality you can count on.
When choosing musicians for your special day, quality matters. The musicians seen and heard on this website have been playing together for years and will be the ones playing at your wedding. All Ivana String Quartet musicians are accomplished professional musicians and we take pride in the high quality of their musicianship. You will hear the difference.

The perfect playlist
The Ivana String Quartet has a library of over 300 musical selections in all styles. We are constantly expanding our repertoire. If you request a piece that we don’t have yet, we’ll add it to our library at no cost to you. If your special piece is not published for string quartet we can have our staff arranger arrange it for an additional fee.

Exceptional customer service
When you contact the Ivana String Quartet, whether by phone or email, you will be working directly with its founding member, Sandrine Hayter. All emails will be returned promptly. She will put your mind at ease with expert musical advice and attention to detail.

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